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How many pages is 5,500 words?



Can 35 million book buyers be wrong? Yes.

Harry Potter Criticism:

Links Lit People Like


"People Who Eat People: On Cătălin Avramescu’s Intellectual History of Cannibalism" from the Los Angeles Review of Books

" 'Tinderbox': How the West Fueled the AIDS Epidemic" on Fresh Air

Go to the Heart of Darkness page and contribute!

Something I thought ya'll taking physics might enjoy/appreciate
American RadioWorks "Don't Lecture Me". The Tomorrow's College Series.
Really great bibliography of resources for the show.
Link to the FCI (Forced Concepts Inventory) that's mentioned in the show.
Interesting quotation from the show: at~16:00
  • "[...]imagine two students sitting next to each other [...] But, this is the irony: Mary is more likely to convince John than Professor Mazur, in front of the class. Because she has only recently learned it, and still has some feeling for the conceptual difficulties that she has. Whereas, Professor Mazur learned it such a long time ago, to him it is so clear that he can no longer understand why somebody has difficulty grasping it. That's the irony of becoming an expert in your field. It becomes not easier to teach; it becomes harder to teach because you are unaware of the conceptual difficulties of a beginning learner."

- cohenli cohenli

I just posted some videos to your course page on Cohen Handouts.

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AP Literature and Composition:

Also, consider how to organize pages and the navigation menu. You may do this by unit (Poetry, Drama, etc.) or lesson-by-lesson.

see Ms. Cohen's page for handouts, links, and posts (for all classes, including this one)

On posting videos:I don't know if Wikispaces support wave files. Make sure your video can play if you upload it here. Otherwise, I suggest going to "Widget" and looking at the options under "Video" that are accessible by school computers.
-- Ms. Cohen