The Pillowman

Act One
Scene One
  • Katurian - Kevin Kasper
  • Tupolski - David Perera
  • Ariel - Kody Denues

Scene Two
  • Stage Directions Narration - Barbara Merendino
  • Katurian as a little boy - Tommy Parrotta
  • Katurian as an adult/Narrator - John D'Angelo

Act Two
1st half
  • Michal-Vrushali
  • Katurian-Sydney
  • Ariel-Jourdain
second half
  • Michal-Jourdain
  • Katurian-Evan
third half
  • Michal-Julie
  • Katurian-Evan
  • Foster Parents-Julie

Scene 1
  • Katurian (pg26-34) - Sydney Knowles
Act Three
  • Katurian - Philip Prokos/ Jack McDonald
  • Tupolski - Neville Forbes/ Brentt Chippen
  • Ariel - Jessica/Mackenzie
  • Michal - Neville Forbes

Hello. I'll be up to some creative work for our story "The Pillowman". It may take some time, but I think it'll be well worth it.
Your VD, E.D.

Plato's Allegory of Cave

Katurian Story Visual Representations

Instructions: Please select one of the following Katurian stories expressed in The Pillowman to visualize.
(NOTE: This is extra credit for The Pillowman wall-- please only sign up for stories not taken until all are occupied)

The Little Apple Men

The Three Gibbet Crossroads <---- Neville Forbes

The Tale of the Town on the River

The Pillowman <---------- Philip Prokos

The Little Green Pig<------ Mackenzie Dinger

The Little Jesus

The Writer and the Writer's Brother

The Shakespeare Room

The Face Basement

Act 1
Children, Pillow, Black hood,
Pide Piper, #3
Control, Murdering Dark humor, Tension,
Involvement of children, Torture,
Act 2
The box
Meaning of stories
Act 3